Annet Mwizerwa describes herself as a self-driven and passionate individual that believes in the potential of the youth to shape the world they aspire to see
With her academic experience acquired from a bachelors of general nursing science, she is passionate about serving the community for a better SDG 3: good health and wellbeing
Annet currently serves as the program officer of ASRHR (Adolescent sexual reproductive health and Rights) at HDI Rwanda, a local nonprofit organization that strives to improve both the quality and accessibility of healthcare to all Rwandans
She has worked as a debate and public speaking trainer under the Rwanda speaks program, a youth empowerment agenda under IMBUTO foundation in partnership with Aspire Debate Rwanda
She is one of the co-founders of ARAME initiative which provides youth friendly SRH education in innovative ways to maximize impact
Driven by her passion for girls' empowerment, she initiated and is currently co-running the Girls’ science code project that intends to empower girl science students with sufficient leadership, communication and public speaking skills to maximize their influence on the market place
She was ranked among the 100 young leaders worldwide by the International conference on Family planning (ICFP 2018) She holds several silver medals and certificates from national and international debate competitions
And also has certificates from various health related training for the youth including leadership global health courses
She aspires to see a generation of confident young women and girls who are empowered to make informed decisions , chase their dreams pursue their careers in order to ultimately serve and influence their communities