Frank life's mission is to create a movement of one million entrepreneurs and trailblazers across Africa by 2048 through training, funding and sharing Jesus' love
He is a Rwandan serial entrepreneur, innovator, business modeling coach, the public and motivational speaker and He has found his niche in inspiring the young generation to create their own businesses, innovating and game changing initiatives and opportunities using talents and gifts which he believes they already have
His education background is in Development Studies from Independent University Kigali(ULK)
He does train the youth to create self-esteem until their gifts start serving the entire community and help them full their purpose in life
Over the last couple years, His focus became investing his time and resources on women and girls in business community across Africa, training them and funding their projects
Over the last half-decade, He has been speaking to over 120 high schools each year in Rwanda and Eastern Africa region as leadership and entrepreneurship coach making his audience totaling to over 50,000 youths
In 2017, he started All Trust Consult Ltd, the local microfinance charity that finances the women enterprises
He also created the YES fund, which helped the brilliant business innovators in high schools and university to get seed capital to start their own businesses and as well created and led a team of about 30 young men and women to organize over 4 YES Conference sessions in 2-3 years
He literally started serving the community in his early age when he was 18 since secondary school where he was the student dean
Following the success of his first company, He went on to start Miss Career Africa together with his partner Mr Ralf Schroers from Australia
Frank started Miss Career Africa Competition with an aim of giving young ladies across Africa a self-empowerment and a long term solution against poverty
Hence the Miss Career Africa Competition was created to give these young women the opportunity to start a career down their own chosen pathway
The strategy used within the competition is to help them create their own chosen businesses and then provide them with financing towards that goal
Prior to that, Frank owned an exclusive entrepreneurship TV show that was called DecideX Show, in the partnership with TV1 Rwanda; A leading private television in Rwanda
His show covered topics like entrepreneurship, career guidance, education and youth issues in general
Frank runs more other companies with majority of his businesses in technology