Vanessa has a strong background in accountability and finance
Following becoming the top student in her high school(national examination results), She went on to serve in various companies including hotels, Consultancy firms, Local microfinance charities, and more
Over the past two years, she has worked with various events too including Yes Conference and Vision Conferences
Where she served various roles as a key volunteer
She currently works in DecideX Group’s finance and administration
In her day to day work, Vanessa primarily focuses on booking keeping, accounting systems, Business modeling, and financial projections
Prior to DecideX Group, EventXApp, HireHerApp, and others, Vanessa served in Iwawe Hotel and many other hotels and Restaurants majorly working as the Accountant
Until she took on bigger responsibilities in various companies still serving in the finance departments
After her office work, Vanessa volunteers in a local microfinance charity dubbed "All Trust Consult"
The same organization that receives finance from Microlend Australia and then a portion of it gives it to the winners of the Miss Career Africa
Throughout her work, Vanessa has led and supported many local startups and initiatives through her skills and her generous heart and kind services remain treasure-able to many founders
Vanessa gained unique exposure and vast knowledge in finance and accounting systems after a long period of time- working so closely with one of the most renowned financial planner in Australia as her day to day mentor in finance
Due to all that, Vanessa happens to be one of the young promising financial planners and experts in business analysis Rwanda has
Besides business and busywork, Vanessa is a regular attendee of the Doing Life Together Gatherings
A Youth Impact Mission Rwanda's program that Gather Youth to Discuss Life's problems and learn new things
She Does enjoy Music as a hobby and also occasional Reading
She also has interests in languages and literature
She had been awarded a certificate of Passing an HSK Examination (Chinese proficiency test) Reading and Writing Level 1 and also awarded other certificates for completing Leadership Courses by Cornestone Leadership Academy Rwanda