IGIHOZO Mireille

She is a business person intending to grow and foster the beauty industry at a global level
She is a social media influencer as an activist of Hope and Philanthropist
She does events and uses every opportunity to uplift young ladies in leadership or with leadership capacities to stand Up for others and be their best versions
She is proud to have attended Miss Rwanda 2019 and got a pass to represent the western province
She is proud to have collaborated with the Ministry of Gender and Family to the contribution of Family
She is proud to have done an event entitled #BecauseThereIsHope and to see it touched over 1 million people from different parts of the world, and changed lives! She is proud to have organized an annual Event entitle “INTERNATIONAL WOMEN LEADERSHIP SUMMIT” which eventually influenced young girls to stand out
She lives in Kigali (Rwanda) and she is a Marketing Specialist at Electro Auto ltd
Notably she is the founder of Pearls Corner Ltd
She is pursuing her undergraduate degree at Africa Leadership University
Gamma Mireille is her initiative
Gamma Mireille is a home of beauty kits that uplifts confidence, elegance, and passion through producing toiletries, fragrances, makeup kits and so on
In the next five years, she wants to run one of the top leader beauty companies in Africa
she will set a good example so that others may follow through her daily activities, her motivational events, and her business culture
She wants to reach to many to influence and inspire them to be their best versions of themselves
She is passionate about being an icon of Hope to the country, family, and peers
She always says to herself that she won’t leave a legacy because of the one! She uses every platform big or small to reach to as many people as she can with this message and she is continuing to build young ladies to see the best in them, skin and Culture!