Ralf SCHROERS aim is to glorify God by assisting the poor and impoverished in setting up various business enterprises so that they can enjoy basic human rights
A reasonable living standard and become self sustaining
He has a Diploma of Financial Planning from Deakin University, A Diploma of Education from Sydney Teachers College and a bachelor of Science from the University of Sydney
He is currently the Founder and CEO of Microlend Australia Ltd – charity to help end world poverty
Ralf has successfully created a financial planning practice/business--Insurevest Pty Ltd which provided a holistic service to clients including their investments, insurances, retirement planning, debt management and estate planning
At the time of his ‘retirement’ in 2011 the practice was run by 17 staff and his financial planning company managed some 5500 clients and had approximately $220 million of funds under management
He is also famously known on his development of a charity in 2013 whose focus is to help end world poverty--Microlend Australia Ltd
He does this through the provision of finance to the impoverished to help them create small businesses and hence become self-sustaining
To date he has created over 2000 small businesses amongst the poor in Asia and Africa
It is the long term vision of his charity to help over 1 million people out of poverty