Elton Kangabo is hardworking and is responsible for all that he is entrusted and sets his mind on
Elton is a third-year university student where he pursues a Bachelor's in Business and Information Technology at the University of Kigali
His journey so far has been marked with community engagement and bettering his environment through his different activities and movements he has been through
Through training and advocating for a prosperous youth, Elton has had that as a passion he worked and sharpened through his works and involvement to this very day
Elton has evolved as a leader since his young age where he went through leadership positions like disciplinary prefect, head prefect, and Rwanda Patriotic Front youth chairman at sector level which all demanded a certain level of trust, competence, and hard work to administer such tasks
His involvement with the youth has been towards transformation and brighter goals as his various experiences explain it through being a trainer in Dreamers academy debate camp organized by IDebate Rwanda, being a youth volunteer in entrusting social distancing during the fight against Covid19, volunteering for Mission for Revival in his school, volunteering in Walk To Remember and Meet the President's activity
Elton's experience and tasks he went through shaped his resilience, grit, and courage to pursue things he believes could help a better society and bring benefits to him and his surrounding
Such spirit to mind his environment forges him into a team player and person to contribute much in a workplace and work towards bigger and brighter changes