Ruth Mapazu is a 25 years old Zimbabwean lady
she has a Bachelor of Arts law in Bangalore India at Christ University
She is a public speaker and Aspiring Human rights activist
She is an executive member of the Federation of International students in India 2018-2019 and Joint academic secretary 2019-2020
An amazing experience working with members from over 55 countries from across the globe
It enhanced her leadership skills and quenched her thirst to give back to the community and build stronger communities and networking
She also hosts a Talk show called Let's Get Real with Ruth that inculcates young women & men on the paramount importance of health, relationships, self-esteem, etc
Her 1st Talk show episode was held at Chancery Hotel in Bangalore India on 26 October 2019
she is still working on future online platform episodes setup
She is Currently running Instagram live sessions
Her goal is to change the world against violation of human rights in advocating for women empowerment and put an end to illiteracy and poverty