Rehema Mpinganzima currently serves as a freelancer in ITEME SDA( software development academy) as front- end developer where she is responsible for designing a prototype or mockup of the system to be developed, preparing SRS documents ( software requirements specification) and other business analysis when requires like meeting with clients to gather requirements for the system when required
She is soon pursuing B
sc in IT with a major in Software engineering at the Adventist University of Central Africa in October 2021
Rehema currently serves as Sargent at arms and mentor in Tres-toastmaster at Kimironko where one of the missions of a toastmaster is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills which turn in foster self-confidence and personal growth
And the role of a mentor is to offer encouragement and guidance to the fellow member while he/she works to accomplish goals to share experience, wisdom, and knowledge while building skills and meeting goals as well as providing guidance motivations
Rehema Participated in Ms
Geek 2017 where she presented her project though it wasn’t selected she learned more from there
She also participated in different competitions like Tech incubation program in 2019 where she presented her project and got 4th position with the certificate and learned more from the competition
she also currently as vice-president for youth volunteer in Nyarugunga Sector where she works with different programs and activities like serving people in this Area