Therefore, a Funding  Policy  Statement is a recipient specific document designed to address the overall policies that govern funding related activities of the organization, hence, this document is officially the Funding  Policy Statement for MISS CAREER AFRICA as Organization.

After a detailed scrutiny on funding, the Funding  Committee has come up with a resolutional statement that shall serve as the Funding Policy Statement for MISS CAREER AFRICA.Only the Funding Committee members have authority to change this statement after consulting the Board of Directors. The full statement is clearly defined below with all information.

This statement and its aims and objectives have been formulated and agreed on by owners of DecideX and the founders of the Miss Career Africa Competition.


It is our fervent wish that this competition will aid the young women throughout Africa towards self-empowerment, prosperity and personal development. The founders of this competition; Pray that these young women; May grow powerful through the achievement of their goals, businesses and Impact  so that they then in turn may help others and glorify the name of God through the works of their hands.