There will be a Brand Ambassador appointment every  after receiving awards to the candidates however it’s an option. This Event of Brand Ambassador appointing will be happening every year in MCA Summit which will be taking place on the same day with Miss Career Africa Grand Finale, in the summit there will be more of Panels, Discussions on different topics or certain Theme and Networking while the Grand Finale will be pitching and presenting only for crowning the winners.

All appointed Brand Ambassadors will go through a  period of Incubation before Starting fulfilling their responsibilities and after they will be holding this title for 1 year.

Those Brand Ambassadors will be selected from all Regions namely:

Southern Africa/SADC,Northern Africa,Eastern Africa,Western Africa and Central Africa

Brand Ambassadors  Roles and Titles

BA in charge of Talents and Innovation

BA in charge of Technology and Innovation

BA in charge of sciences and Innovation

BA in charge of Arts and creativity

BA in charge of Outreach and partnerships

BA in charge of Hospitality and Tourism Innovations

BA in charge of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

BA in charge of Resource Mobilization

BA in charge of Media Relations and Corporate communications.                

There will be 3 Regional Brand Ambassadors (Appointees -Non crowned) who will be from Grand Finale where MCA Network and BA will be communicating and reporting their activities and issues to the regional Brand Ambassador and she will be submitting the report to the organization Team / Executive committee (Communication manager specifically).

MCA Brand Ambassadors will be given Agreement forms and Responsibility Description to be signed and 70% of the volunteering members in the organization committee / executive committee will be from Brand Ambassadors.

In the future, The competition, operations, fundraising, day to day ground level management  work, event coordination and face of the organization will  no longer be controlled by the organizing team but the volunteers from the above regions.