The Funding Committee of MISS CAREER AFRICA is made of 5 persons, whereby one is the Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of DECIDEX GROUP, the Executive Director of Miss CAREER AFRICA, the Chief Finance Officer  in DECIDEX GROUP, the representative of MICROLEND AUSTRALIA and a representative of ALL TRUST CONSULT.

The Funding Committee shall be charged by the Board of Directors of MISS CAREER AFRICA with the responsibility of:

Establishing funding guidelines in the furtherance of those policies;

Providing of training to the miss career Africa contestants. We are looking at doing this via ‘bootcamps’ and business training programs

Overseeing the funding recipients and monitoring of their progress;

Monitoring the management of the fund’s for compliance with the funding policies and guidelines; and

For meeting performance objectives over time.

The Funding Committee will conduct regular minuted meetings that outline the aim and actions taken on behalf of the Miss Career Africa competition which they will then report to the Board of Directors . Moreover, the Funding committee will also conduct an annual review to the Board of Directors as to its effectiveness of its achievements and objectives.

The Committee will be responsible for overseeing the relationship with beneficiaries/recipients and winners of the Miss Career Africa competition.

The Committee will act in good faith and with the care an ordinarily prudent person in a like position would exercise under similar circumstances in selecting, continuing, or terminating the contract with the above mentioned parties.

The committee will establish the scope and terms of the delegation, and monitoring the freelancers and beneficiaries’ performance and compliance with the scope and terms of the delegation.

The Committee will provide relevant information to the concerned Parties regarding the Fund’s resources and any special considerations pertaining to the Fund.

Between meetings of the Committee, the Chair of the Committee and President, acting together, shall have the authority to exercise all such powers, subject to Funding policies set by the Board and Funding guidelines established by the Committee.