1. The winners should know in advance that the awards given to them are in a loan form by MICROLEND AUSTRALIA through ALL TRUST CONSULT on recommendation and the list of winners put forward by the Miss Career Africa funding committee with their board’s consent.

 2. Every team member of Miss Career Africa, is a volunteer by default, i.e no guaranteed or regular salaries given to them, except on special delegations and duties where payment shall be necessary.

3. The amount of money fundraised by the regional teams, will be kept on the Miss Career Africa bank account. Because these funds have been raised through the efforts of this region, 50% of these funds will be used in running operations of that respective region and reports will be submitted to the headquarters with transparency and honesty.

 4. Miss Career Africa will operate a bank account in the Name of Miss Career Africa Competition which will operate as a separate entity under the DecideX Group.

 5. In lieu of bank activities and transactions of Miss Career Africa, including all the bank paper work, only the Executive Director of Miss Career Africa and the Accountant/CFO of DECIDEX Group have to sign on. Any amount of money above one thousand American dollars have to be withdrawn on the consent of the funding committee and any amount of money above five thousand American dollars have to be withdrawn on the consent of the Board.

6. The candidates should be responsible of fundraising their own transport fare and budget during the application, voting sessions, boot-camps and grand finale. The competition only provides accommodation, internal transports, meals and drinks, content, training, awards during the boot-camps and actual events and follow up/aftercare.


7. Whenever the Miss Career Africa Contestants are called by the organization to a certain event, training, workshop and other organizational activities after the grand finale,  all the transport fare used by the contestants will be reimbursed by the Organization except if the meetings or these events are organized online.

8. Miss Career Africa should only run activities that have a pre- planned budget. Otherwise, those activities should be done online, or on a voluntary or in-kind basis.

9. Miss Career Africa can charge fees where applicable, for the financial sustainability of the competition. 

10. Miss Career Africa can engage into other commercial activities in line to the competition.

 11. The Miss Career Africa Competition is a For Profit Organization for social good  and as such its aim is to grow in its presence and its profitably over time so as to sustain its competition without relying on donors. It also can have commercial subsidiary initiatives for the purpose of growing its organizational mission and long term goals.

12. The event management tenders and other related services are operated by the DecideX Group or given to other service providers on the consent of the DecideX Group except day to day operations.