The MISS CAREER AFRICA is a competition that gets some of its funding for its winning contestants from THE ALL TRUST CONSULT organization.

All Trust Consult is a Not For Profit  organization that has been specifically set up to empower the poor by empowering them through providing them with finance and training to help them to create their own small businesses.

Therefore, the beneficiaries/recipients and winners of the funds should know that:

The given funds are not prizes or monies to be used for personal purposes, but are actually a source of funding in the form of a loan for the candidates selected businesses. Hence their business has an obligation to pay back that loan over a mutually agreeable term. The funding provided should be used for their Business related activities only.

Because the funds provided to the winners are in the form of loans, all the winners  of  Miss career Africa crowns, have to sign  a contractual agreement with ALL TRUST CONSULT with and on the recommendation of the Miss Career Africa.

All Trust Consult does NOT determine  who to give or not to give the funds. That will not be its responsibility. The funding committee of Miss Career Africa decides that.

In line with Miss Career Africa’s long term goal of “ Ending World Poverty through empowerment”, the loan funds given to winners to help create their own businesses.

Once the loan repayments have been returned to All Trust Consult the funds will then be used for the next generation of MCA Winners.