In funding and managing the portfolio, the Committee will consider both the purposes of the Fund and the purpose of any specific institutional fund.

Therefore, before investing in any project, the Funding Committee will look over the following;

Who does MISS CAREER AFRICA give funds to?

The MISS CAREER AFRICA gives fund to the deserving,talented or winners of the competition in regards to their respective crowns,from anywhere all around AFRICA. And that, This recipient should present a project that has business potential.

A viable, repeatable, scale-able and profitable idea that proves to transform the life of the owner financially and professionally.

The Grand finale is the only ultimate moment where the panel, by their powers and authority will announce the deserving winners for the following crowns. And any winners can be from any region. Apart from the crown of MISS CAREER AFRICA, all other crowns (MISS REGION) have equal funding award value as they all represent their respective regions.

And the same applies to the other winners,who have equal  funding award value in their respective domains.

MISS CAREER AFRICA  crown, Who also gets a  MISS ENTREPRENEUR title by default  gets funding of $5000. The  MCA winner should  be the one with  the best business idea. An idea that can employ many more youths, and a such disruptive innovation to change Africa.

MISS REGIONS will be awarded $500 for each region (5  regions whereby one of them will be crowned Miss Career Africa). Miss Regions are such trailblazers who show the potential to change the narrative in their respective countries and regions.

These winners should possess the leadership gift of turning things around and make lasting transformation through the causes they commit to. The winners should also have business ideas that are profitable. Though their awards may not be enough to get their businesses off-ground, The competition remains aware of that and works with its partners and donors to raise more funds for them to be able to run their ideas essentially.

MISS SPEAKER will be awarded $500: This winner will be chosen based on her capacity and skills to present and communicate clearly and boldly her project throughout the competition. She should be fluent in two or more international languages. She is  expected to go beyond running and fundraising for her own project after the grand finale. The winner will be the voice of the competition in partnership with the organization and assisted by Brand Ambassador in charge

MISS ART  AND TALENT will be awarded $500: The winner is charged with duty to promote talents, creativity and art across Africa working closely with the related local government and private sector platforms. She will be attending events in high level meetings, schools and competitions that promote talents.

MISS STEM will be awarded $500: The Miss STEM will be promoting science, technology, engineering and Mathematics. Like all others, She will be having a project in one of these areas.

MISS HOSPITALITY will be awarded $500: The winner will be having a business project in this industry and she will be charged with duties to promote the industry working so closely with government and other health institutions present.

MISS AGRICULTURE  will be awarded $500: The winner should have a project that engages her into  agriculture . She should have  a profit motive when operating  agri- business. She should posses Knowledge of seeds, crops, mechanism, soil, climate, & agriculture science as well as being passionate about her project. Right use of resources like soil and water, Time management, Market demand,  should also be the pillars behind the expected success of her project.

MISS CONSERVATION will be awarded $500: The winner should have a project that base on the  protection of resources so that they will not be damaged and become unavailable for use, through restoration of resources that have been mismanaged and damaged, and by taking responsibility for management and optimization of those resources, mostly natural resources. Her project's main goal would be to save  and protect the environment against any harm additionally, to  the social goals of protecting the environment for present and future generations, restoring damaged environmental functions so that they are once more ecologically productive and  in ways that encourage its sustainability.

Therefore, the grand total fund budget for the funding/awards in the competition will be $13,000.

Note: 1.No contestant should be awarded 2 crowns i.e, each crowned winner will have only 1 title.

2.Changes in awards are different from the awards in the first edition. That has  been applied after realizing that some titles were possible to be merged. With more funding, The competition can increase the awards or/and  add more winners in the future. However, These are just the initial funding. For those who will be faithful and start or accerallete their businesses with the little provided, All Trust Consult on the recommendation of the Miss Career Competition will give any shortfall in capital finance to run the business if profitability is assured. 

 Why does MISS CAREER AFRICA give funds to them?

This goes along the main objective of the company.This is an organization that focuses on empowering young female professionals and entrepreneurs.