Alice Lambert Rutayisire
Kigali - Rwanda

Born in 2000

she lives at Kabeza, Kigali ( Rwanda)

she works at Maranyundo Girls School

She has been working as an Assistant College and Career Counselor for seven months

She is a Christian

She also respects other people's ways of life

she has a keen interest in music, fashion, and fine art

She is also interested in graphic design, and mass communication

She wants to be happy and spread it by supporting change

Three years ago, she composed the melody and last verse for her high school anthem, she got positive feedback about it, and she was encouraged to do more original work and performances

The second achievement that she is proud of, is her work today, As an Assistant College and Career Counselor, she is helping girls get to university

It has given her purpose and will financially help her to go to school someday through her savings

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND She graduated from Secondary education at Maranyundo Girls School

PROJECT INFORMATION NAME: Mi arts camp DESCRIPTION: Mi-art camp will be a fourteen days program aimed at building transforming artistic entrepreneurs out of Rwandan youth

So many youths in the country study courses that are STEM-based, business, or law

So many of those students deep down are artists but haven't had room to exercise and make a living out of this side of them

With the labor market changing every day, this program will give them the motivation and knowledge to use their art as capital wherever they choose to go

FUTURE PLANS ONCE CROWNED MISS CAREER AFRICA Five years from now, She aspires to be pursuing her Master's degree in Graphic Design while working in different studios and companies where she can develop her marketing skills, philosophy, and build a resourceful network

Aside from this, she wants to be an international singer or known songwriter in five years

She wants to record, produce, and stream her music worldwide

Also, this will help her get access to key players in the Entertainment industry from whom she can learn so much from

If she is crowned as Miss Career Africa, she would really love Arts in Rwanda through the Mi art project

She believes it is a great opportunity for the youths regardless of their main career trajectories

She will also organize career days every few months for gap year students to meet different figures who will actually convey the reality of these careers and what it really takes to get there

She wants her country's youth to be open, informed, and reflective in order to make it fulfill their purpose

she deserves to be crowned as Miss Career Africa because she wants to invest her time and service because she does not have experience but her voice that she believes can stir an internal battle for one person out there to make the right choices

She wants to learn from different people

She wants more access to listen to what other people are facing because that is how solutions are born

She loves her country and Africa