kigali - Rwanda

Born in 1996 and the firstborn in her family

She has a high school diploma in education

She fluently speaks 3 languages such as Kinyarwanda, English, and Swahili

She is a patriot; devoted to love her country and its culture

In her recent career, she is proud to have sold fruits in the Muhanga market even if it is on small scale, but it made her proud because it trains her to become a future entrepreneur and she hopes it will expand later

She lives in Kigali (Rwanda)and she is self-employed

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Graduated in high school and looking forward to starting university

PROJECT INFORMATION NAME: Thousands of hills fruits DESCRIPTION: Her project is about collecting, distributing, and growing fruits in different parts of the country

FUTURE PLANS ONCE CROWNED MISS CAREER AFRICA Her next five years' plan is to be an entrepreneur and give the job to young people

Once crowned Miss Career Africa, she will use her crown through more campaigns that influence youth to be creative by using their career in order to reduce unemployment

If a lot of youth become an entrepreneur and then Africa will be influenced and other countries will follow this plan

She deserves that crown because she has a good project which is important to the community as an example it may improve the agriculture sector

More than that, she has the ability, confidence, and passion for being the crown bearer