MAHORO Mireille Chadia
KIGALI - Rwanda

Miss Science East Africa "When I received the cash, I was happy because it was the new beginning of life as a young woman in entrepreneurship,” says Mahoro Mireille Chadia, She scoped Miss Science East Africa through her project known as Esolar Stove, a stove powered by solar and electricity

The amount awarded was Rwf 939,750

Mahoro is a technician and enthusiast in the field of electrical and electronic engineering

“From a young age, I always wanted to be my own boss, the thought of working for someone had never crossed my mind and now this is like a dream come true,” she says

With the funds from All Trust Consult, she says her dream is yet to happen as she is going to come up with her own company which will see her employ others as well

“All my gratitude goes to All Trust Consult for coming up with this Miss Career Platform, Personally I would says that they have played a big role in making my dreams come true,” she says

Hailing from Kigali Rwanda, Mahoro is a student doing Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology at RP/IPRC Kigali

During her studies, Mahoro’s ambition was to be a good competitor in the labor market and develop strong problem-solving skills

In order to achieve this, a twenty five year old shaped her skills, by attending exhibitions to see what is really needed on the market

Innovation clubs, Her2Voice and Girlict competitions are some of the exhibitions she attended; just to ensure she had all it takes to be competitive on the labor market

She also did an internship in The Energy Utility Corporation Limited (EUCL) in the transmission and distribution of electricity, which she said added in nailing her science skills

Moving forward The reason behind her project she says, she chose electrical contracting company because it’s her career as electrical engineer

All along, she has been juggling different jobs ranging from installing house piping, wiring to trouble shooting fault

From this, she is glad that she been able to make an impact by ensuring her sibling completed school by paying all her school fees

“In the field, I used to repair different machines especially motor rewinding, which helped me prepare my future company financially,” she says

In 2015, she was awarded by Her2Voice because of the implementation of the Twiteho project

She also managed to install two houses of two poor families with Esolar Stove free of charge, the thing which she finds fulfilling

“This made me to be proud of being an electrical engineer,” she says

More about the project Her project-Esolar Stove is a stove powered by solar or electricity (dc or ac) as a source of energy, but this depends on the choice of the client or user

The stove has 2 burner places and one furnace which is controlled manually, automatically by Bluetooth, and massaging

The good thing about this stove is that it is affordable, and has been designed for the people who use a Smartphone or 'other types of telephone- unskilled and skilled

“It serves both those in urban and rural areas especially for those who don’t have access to electricity,” she says

Future plans Mahoro’s next five years’ career plan is to finish electrical engineering course, have a company which develops a projects related to electrical

“I also aspire to invest in technology and training, inspiring and empowering others especially girls and women who didn’t have opportunity to study in technical school, in order to shape their destiny that will be of their own benefit,” she says

Among her plans also is to use her title to reduce early pregnancy for young ladies through the training, inspiring and empowering, by enlighten them on importance of hands on skills

Mahoro also is looking forward to change the society’s perception about the role of girl child in the community

“There is need to for the society to know the value of technology, environment protection

This can only be achieved by only reducing deforestation,” she says

Deforestation caused by gases increases by 6 percent every year

Meanwhile, Mahoro was able to be crowned Miss Science East Africa because of her ability to implement what she has learned in a practical and impactful manner

From prototype to the final product on the market, in order to solve the challenge people are facing in their daily life for a better future