Kigobe - BURUNDI

Miss Entrepreneur Eastern Africa   Encouraging women and girls to live up to their ability is something Hyacinthe Habonimana lives by

 An architect student at the University Summit International Institute in Burundi believes that diversity is the key to drive innovation across the continent

 And due to this, she decided to immerse herself in the engineering career, and it has since become part of her life

 Through her project known as Adaptation Technique pour Construire Une Maison (ATECOM), she was able to be crowned as miss entrepreneur last year

   The project is all about facilitating people who want to build a house to find the engineers who are qualified

Positive impact In 2019, Habonimana participated in Miss Tech Burundi 2019 and emerged third out of many contestants

 After being crowned Miss Entrepreneur, she now uses her influence to inspire other girls in Burundi

“Advocating for the spirit of hard work is my day to day work, also aims at educating girls to join technology and business,” she says

The project  Due to the huge investment needed for her first project Adaptation Technique pour Construire Une Maison (ATECOM), Habonimana couldn’t implement it

  However, after getting a grand of 1,000 USD as miss entrepreneur through ATECOM project, she used the money to come up with a new project known as HH Lingerie, which mainly focuses on making underwear

  “I chose this because I realized it can be of great benefit to my country

My advice though to other young people out there is that trusting in yourself is the beginning of your success,” she says

 “Am thankful to Miss Career platform because it has enabled me become a business woman

The platform has enable me realize how dreams can come true and what’s needed to achieve them,” she says

 According to her, she says will not only focus on construction but help people who get problems at their homes such as electricity or water

 “It will be easier for them to find an electrician or a plumber in case there is a need,” she says

Her next five years plan is to be Chief Executive Officer at ATECOM (Adaptation Technique pour Construire Une Maison)

 To other young entrepreneurs out there, she advises that self motivation is the key, also, believing in yourself is important if you want to reach far