Musemakweri Delphine
Kigali - Rwanda

Born in 2002

She lives to be a bridge for fellow young girls to reach their dreams and have a strong career, by using all means and the little she has to improve women's careers in Rwanda

She encourages young girls to start now because there is no right age to be successful

Her first event launching Elevate was very successful with different women holding different powerful positions

Having her first retreat to Eastern province school with 40 more passionate, famous, hardworking ladies

She also had a successful touching school visit with most of the ladies who participated in Miss Rwanda 2019 including Miss Heritage

Participating in a Sunday activity that helps young poor kids to have joy and being invited to different TV shows and radio shows

All the above are her career achievements which she is very proud of

She is currently working in New Life Ministries and she lives in Kigali (Rwanda)

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND She completed her primary section from New life Christian Academy after moving from Excella School, then she got a chance to join wellspring Academy which helped her define herself and she gained a lot of skills including computer skills and public speaking skills

PROJECT INFORMATION NAME: Elevate Rwanda DESCRIPTION: Elevate Rwanda is here to heal, encourage, inspire, uplift, push, help young abused, lonely, sad, depressed, poor, lost girls

It helps young girls believe in themselves, it helps girls face the world and stand up to improve their living

It provides a platform for young girls to share their stories in order to help others who are facing the same challenges

It invites role models to help young girls find their way

It's the leaning wall of every passionate lady

FUTURE PLANS ONCE CROWNED MISS CAREER AFRICA In the next five years, Musemakweri wants to achieve the following: 1

Educate at least 10 girls in a year 2

Help young girls to learn how to save money for their future projects 3

providing pads and school materials to young girls out there who can't afford those 4

Being a mirror to every single girl who is willing to stand up for her dreams, some only need a go-ahead

Once crowned Miss Career Africa, she will stop young girls who go for prostitution, not by choice, she will form clubs in different schools to help uplift young abused girls and she will teach young girls to save for their future

More than that, she would help young girls have strong careers by having school talks because she knows it all starts with minds

Finally, helping at least 100 girls to form different trading groups in order to earn a living

She deserves to be crowned Miss Career Africa because, at her young age where she should be enjoying her youth, she was busy uplifting girls older and younger to her

In school, poor health, work, and discouragement she kept on pushing and she believed in teamwork and used it as a weapon to help other young girls

Lastly, she is very passionate about Rwandan girls having a strong career that’s why she could use all opportunities to push them to their dreams