Wendy Ornella Ruzindana
Kigali city - Rwanda

Born in 2000

She is the firstborn and a responsible girl

Recently she has acquired computer programming knowledge in java, javascript, and android

When she decided to join “we code Rwanda’’ during her gap year, she had no background in computer and she found herself studying with software engineers graduates

Firstly, she doubted herself very much and wanted to drop out but did not

Afterward, she found herself entirely, absolutely in love with programming and till today she has never been proud of herself that this

She lives in Kigali (Rwanda) and she is learning android mobile development

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND She went to High School at Maranyundo girls' school

PROJECT INFORMATION NAME: Ejo Hacu Heza DESCRIPTION: She wants to build an institution that helps poor people discover their talents and also provides them the means to put into practice what they have learned so that they can grow and develop themselves financially

FUTURE PLANS ONCE CROWNED MISS CAREER AFRICA In the next five years, she can only see herself as a company owner in developing products but she has not yet decided whether it would be computer-related or others

After being crowned Miss Career Africa, she will do what she always dreams about

Helping the poor

She believes that given the opportunity, poor people can also contribute to the country's development and in turn contribute to their own development

If an educational institution is built for them, they would be taught to invent and find their talents

She has perseverance and passion that's why she deserves the crown because and if she gets it, she will work hard every day