Sheillah Munsabe
Kigali - Rwanda

Born in 1998

She is a passionate conservationist with a strong love for nature and aiming at developing a career related to nature conservation

Currently, she runs a startup that aims at reducing, recycling and reusing raw waste uniquely for African fashion, focusing on the sustainable future of fashion

Her recent career achievement is starting a sustainable fashion business as an entrepreneur, she provided some of her products in the market and got great feedback

She feels proud of herself

Today she employs and trains women in doing handcrafted products thus gaining skills that they will forever use to build their own businesses and have a better living

She is a university student and she lives in Kigali (Rwanda) EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND She is currently a third-year student at African Leadership University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Trade

And she is a conservation scholar with African Leadership University School of Wildlife Conservation

PROJECT INFORMATION NAME: Frika Fits DESCRIPTION: Frika Fits is a fashion start-up that aims at reusing, reducing and recycling waste for unique African fashion

Sustainable fashion for a better future

FUTURE PLANS ONCE CROWNED MISS CAREER AFRICA Her next five years career plan is having a strong sustainable fashion industry that is providing employment to more than 1000 women and 1000 young talented unemployed youth

She wants to contribute to the economy of Africa by changing the way the fashion industry operates today

As a conservationist, she feels so worried about what the future holds if people keep on wasting resources and poor disposal of waste

If she is crowned, she will use the title through empowering women in building their own careers, provide career coaching and venture development

She will also help them to get funding opportunities

More than that, she will help young educated, unemployed talented youths by providing them career coaching and linking them to companies that have a placement

She deserves to be crowned Miss Career Africa because she is building a career in the field that most people consider to be just for men, that is conservation, with a start-up in a sustainable fashion

As of now, she has to go to work in Kibale National Park as a snare removal guide where she is the only girl in a team of 8 men, but she does it well

Therefore, she wants to stand out and show fellow young girls and women that they can make it to any career they need as long as they have the right resources