Fauster Muttani
Dar es Salam - Tanzania

Fauster Muttani grew up in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

She is a student with a great passion in farming

She grows mushrooms and for her, seeing major challenge in the society is not lack of production means but technology

Because of this, she decided to become icon of change she wanted to see, to reach yearly yields by doing irrigation course to educate society on better water managing systems

Living with grandma gave her a lesson “life, which is to help others in any situation" this gave her courage to be part of Builders of Future Africa where she was Sales person despite her coming from a poor background

In future, Muttani plans to have an outstanding agricultural business where she will be producing mushrooms, and bring innovative mushroom products on the table

She also plans to introduce irrigation techniques in her own community for high agricultural yields

With knowledge she has gained on farming, she was able to do vegetable cultivation and now grows her own mushrooms that she sells around her community

The profit, she is optimistic to use it in future especially in developing her projects

As water resources and irrigation engineering student, Muttani had opportunity to volunteer at Bondeni Flowers Limited

Since childhood, Muttani had a vision to serve my society and the only way to achieve this was through coming up with a project known as SAVOIR FAIRE

The project concerns technical craft skills platform that include people of all age with main focus on youth who fall in same traps

She aspires to walk in their steps and help them learn life skills compatible with their means

Leadership entrepreneurship will be the heart of skills they will be equipped with