Clémence Tuyishimire
Kigali - Rwanda

Clémence Tuyishimire is a young energetic leader who has worked with youth impact mission and business club in high school

Because of this, it helped her develop team work ability, collaborative spirit, time management and problem solving skills

She is a workaholic person with great networking skills, self-motivated, result oriented and I'm patient with social inconveniences

Tuyishimire looks forward to learn new skills and improve her knowledge to advance her career

Her goal is to see herself as a knowledgeable professional with a strong experience in her industry

Tuyishimire see herself leading a big organization that will create jobs for people from different backgrounds in order to reduce the rate of poverty

She has so far organized some competitions while ruling as the Vice-Head Girl in high school, which aimed at improving a reading habit, confidence through public speaking, critical thinking skills via general knowledge tests

Besides, she was also leader at Youth Impact Mission club (Y


M) where she served as the chair person

These are her greatest achievements as it helped shaped others becoming good leaders of tomorrow

Moving forward, she also served as a vice head of Business Club in high school where new and innovative ideas were exposed and developed

She currently has a project called Semi-artisanal production of cholesterol free peanut oil in Rwanda

Peanut oil is a vegetable oil produced from edible seeds bearing in nature

It stands on the top among other edible oils because it’s high in good fat, and low in bad fat (saturated fatty acid)

It’s used to lower cholesterol and to prevent heart related diseases

Almost all the edible oil consumed in Rwanda is imported

Therefore, the project consists of producing high quality cholesterol free and flavored peanut oil from locally grown peanuts by respecting the strict standards of production