Teresa Nabangala
west lafayette - United States

Teresa Nabangala is a young woman born and raised in Bungoma, Kenya also partially raised in West Lafayette, Indiana

Living in both nations for her is a gift that she cherishes and enjoys

A few adjectives that would describe her positively are amiable, passionate ambitious for opportunities

Nabangala is also very adventurous according to her family members

She cherishes her family members/friends so very much daily

In a nutshell, she does know about herself and that she is an open book

Her goal in life is achieving her degrees in bachelors, masters and hopefully starts her doctorate

Meanwhile, Nabangala has few projects that she is working on, so hopefully in five year time, she will have those figured out

As well as focus more on hr project

Being part of African American Leaders of Tomorrow was one the greatest achievements she has participated in as a leader- to seek change and create a great path for young brothers and sisters, through culture and education in both African and American perspective

Also being able to start ButterFlyHope was big achievement for her which falls deep into her heart personal

ButterFlyHope is one of her projects that she is working/developing this year

The project is all about giving back to me

Every single time she goes home, she always felt guilty whenever she look at her age mates or even the young ones, it triggers a part of her ,cause they don't have the privilege's that she received to able to be where she is today

On way to give back is through "BFH" for her in helping the young girls/boys with personal hygiene, mental health, educational support, and love