Seraphine Okeyo
Kisumu - Kenya

Seraphine Okeyo feels there’s a space that needs to be filled in our society, the motivation of wanting education equality has been her driving force and that’s why she aspires to stand for the less fortunate, the marginalized and the disabled to bring them out of despair

To be able to share her experience so that one day she accomplishes the equality goals

She is from the eastern shores of Lake Victoria kisumu county, Kenya

A 20 year old Okeyo is a model who likes giving back to the society in different forms

She is a strong lady who has high hopes and faith in making the society change and be equal

Her achievement is being the ambassador for charity, she likes this achievement because it helps her interact with the less fortunate in her society and know what their needs are

Looking into the future, Okeyo aims at starting her own managed media company that will serve the society

Education all round is the name of her project

Its main focus is on the teens, youths, less fortunate and the disabled especially the deaf

The projects seeks to educating them and helping improve skills on photography, Videography and editing so that they can be able to become entrepreneurs who can be able to find daily support (income) for themselves