Genevieve Iranyuze Atosha
Kigali - Rwanda

Genevieve Iranyuze Atosha is a student at southern New Hampshire University under Kepler program

She is a Rwandan by nationality and holds an Associate of Art degree in General Business studies

Iranyuze is doing BA in health care management with a concentration in Global perspectives

On her professional side, she makes different hand crafts materials

She is an assistant Librarian, and Secretary Leadership club at Kepler, and also, she is a conscious social change agent

Iranyuze’s aspiration is to be a great business woman, health care provider and mentor to young people in their career

Her dream is to create her own business and become the director general for the hospital

What makes her happy is contributing to the lives of people

In her high school in 2017, she started as a cobbler where she could repair shoes for her fellow students

After, Iranyuze started a entrepreneurship club at her former high school, and started providing training to single mothers and drug abuse victims on creation of job and how to make different handcrafts, immediately after she is done with high school studies

In 2019, she started to mentor students in different high school on leadership and technology, which led her win Hult prize competition on country level

She runs a project known as Save Environment Business Project

The project is a business idea that intends on recycling plastics materials into finished products that can be sold to the market such as bungles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and jewelry products

It works also on transforming beer bottles into some decorations of different kinds

This business idea is great for the community since they will be able to get different product, and this help in hygiene of the community