Delicia Izere
Bujumbura - Burundi

Apart from having a bachelor degree in Marketing Management, Delicia Izere has spent the last six years developing skills as a producer

She is also passionate about video production

Izere’s goal is to start her own company in video production

She wants to encourage and inspire young women by showing them that it is possible for them to make it in such careers

Besides, Izere’s dream is to create employment for women and have training centers that will train them on video production

She works with a local TV station as a volunteer

Additionally, Izere earned herself a contract of producing some videos and audios with a phone company

Izere has a project known as Network of Young Women and Leaders in Video and Audio production

Her project is about empowering young women first to increase their self-esteem, self-worth and self-belief

Secondly, it is to encourage them to join video and audio production career, which is very promising and prosperous

Izere’s future plans is to come up with a training center which will see women and even men enroll to with affordable price, just to help them learn leadership and entrepreneurship skills in video production field