Inema Nadege
Kigali - Rwanda

Inema Nadege is a twenty one year old, who loves technology and she chose to be into Information System in order to fulfill her dreams

She holds a diploma in MCE and currently studying at Davis college Akilah campus studying information and technology

Nadege is a responsible, adaptive and caring person, and she enjoys listening to music

She plans to start an IT company in five years to come, which she is optimistic will give opportunity to IT people in Rwanda to outshine their fabulous ideas

The company will involve offering technical skills, either web designer, software engineering or technical maintenance to the young people

She believes that her company will grow bigger and it touches all parts of technology and will provide opportunities especially to women

 Nadege’s goal in life is to empower women to go for what they want and prove to them that they are skilled and stronger than they think

She is proud of her first career achievement where she was among those who won a Hult prize competition in Rwanda and FSSIC competition in her college

This achievement makes her believe that she has a brighter future as far as her career is concerned

Nadege’s project goes by the name Water management system

This is a pre paid system that will help WASAC to manage water supply to its customer, manage the utilization of water in their homes to avoid misuse of water

Therefore, the system’s benefit is sustainable use of water to provide for the future generations