Shaymaa Abdelhamid
Cairo - Egypt

Shaymaa Abdelhamid is a 23 years old Egyptian architect in love with designing and passionate about colors

she is a bachelor's degree graduate and formerly attended Egyptian Language School

she studied in the national system for 8 years in school, then switched to IG from grade 10 till grade 12

she then studied Architecture in AUC for 5 years

she currently runs project-Caj

Colors as page and have her own store

Her business is pattern-based pieces that each have a concept and tells a story behind it

with her architecture skills, she was able to do more in Caj than just kimonos or clothes in general, she also does designs behind a concept that she truly believes in

she got accepted with Caj into the SHECAN 2020 which was the largest women entrepreneurship event in the MENA region

Caj has been 3 years till now

The first two years were mainly about painting on clothes yet after it from a year ago she started this whole idea of designing and printing on clothes

with her passion for fashion and designs, Once crowded Miss Career Africa, She says, She will help the community by making awareness campaigns through her initiative and the concepts behind her designs