Yasmine Medhat
Cairo - Egypt

Yasmine Medhat Is an Egyptian young entrepreneur and graphic designer

She is a Bachelor degree graduate and Formerly attended Egyptian language school She studied in the national system for 8 years in school, then converted to the IG system from grade 8 till grade 12, after She graduated from the Egyptian language school and started studying applied sciences and arts at the GUC for 5 years and graduated with honors

She now works as a graphic designer in a marketing and advertising agency in Egypt and she is proud of her career

She thinks Graphic design is a great career

She likes most how this Career is all about being unique and show a bit of your identity in each thing you design, even if the clients have their own demands

She started her own brand two years ago which was called ‘FedFad’ for modest wear, stopped the business for a while, but She would love to get everything back on track someday

She is a thinker and She suffers a lot from overthinking and try lots of methods to get rid of it

She wants to develop two mobile applications that she worked on while studying at the GUC but the main application that she wants to concentrate on is the overthinking app as (She) knows how many people suffer from overthinking

She would love to help many others in one way or another

Her project-Calmy will be an application that can be downloaded on your phone or iPad, which helps obsessive over thinkers to become more calm, organized, and peaceful

it’s designed based on the problems of personas and has several activities that would help them have more peace of mind

She designed everything on it from A to Z

Once Crowned as Miss Career Africa, She will start interviewing a lot of people and going to different mental health doctors to get reliable helpful data

Being a person who suffers from overthinking herself, She knows how much (She) would be at peace and have a more productive and calmer life if knew how to get over this bad habit “overthinking”

She would use this title to help me develop the app internationally and not just help people who suffer from this problem, but also raise mental awareness to those who may be suffering from it and don’t know that they need help

She says, Her project is a winning idea because-It is helping people be more relaxed and mentally healthy

Something she thinks is so essential and it is her main career goal