Amira Hossam
Cairo - Egypt

Amira is an Egyptian primary education activist and author

she holds a bachelor's degree in applied science and arts from a German university in Cairo

she currently working with one of the top international technology companies in the world-IBM as a UI UX Designer

She is passionate about children’s education

She reinforces illustration educational books as a tool to positively impact the lives of children by offering overall positive awareness on the issues that are not publicly discussed

As an author, Amira's r first book was about awareness of child sexual abuse and understanding boundaries using the Arabic language to help even those who can't understand English

she believes writing in Arabic is one of the ways to preserve her community's heritage

Amira wants to start an educational platform that is the go-to for mothers and children; to be a repository for whatever they need, making a beautiful community out of it

Her business, Funpod, is all about having illustrated educational books to defeat ignorance about some issues in her society faces, to increase mental health after having more awareness with engaging stories that have a lesson learned

She wants to address the issues that are important in her region that no one tackles and many people are not aware of it

she believes Miss career Africa crown will enable her to have more audience so therefore reaching more people to understand more and to design more relevantly

She believes this title should be her since her project is addressing serious issues

Her target is that children’s voices are heard and have a clear and honest communication platform for them

Amira is proud that, She recently designed her debut book on child sexual abuse awareness and another project in progress-An Arabic learning application with engaging features for kids