Ester Shifotoka
Windhoek - Namibia

Ester Shifotoka says words alone cannot express her joy

“My soul is filled with so much joy especially when I think of how much my society did to make sure that I am part of the top 10,” she says

Through her project known as TEEN MOMS AGAINST ALL ODDS, Shifotoka aims at empowering teenage mothers in rural areas and across Africa, encourage them to fight against all Odds

After visiting 6 regions in Namibia with alarmingly high teenage pregnancy, she learned that 90 percent of young girls aged 12-20 do not return to school after giving birth, but rather stay home to take care of their babies, become domestic workers and sometimes are forced to marry at a young age

“This project will aim to break the chain of illiteracy among teenage mothers in rural areas through education, capacity building, sports activities, one on one talks and getting these girls back to school-our communities are best led by example,” she points out

She believes that when young girls see their fellow village girl (Shifotoka) crowned as Miss Career Africa, their faces will beam with warm smiles and their hearts will be filled with hope & courage because they will feel the light of success closer than ever

This, she says will create a will power in them that she will use to motivate & educate

“My life is fueled up by the pleasure I get from helping myself, all those around me and all young dreamers

I get inspired by seeing effort and change made by courageous people,” she says

She is thankful to all those who voted for her and also Miss Career Africa and those who believed in her

Empowering a young African woman, Shifotoka says is a big investment, and that she will continue investing in others as well

“Thank you for voting for my African dream, to have a world where all young women are supported and empowered to reach their maximum potential regardless of  the circumstances they find themselves in,” she says

  More about Shifotoka She is a self-motivated, audacious and progress-driven Logistics and supply chain management officer, passionate about tradition especially food, development, growth and engagement for young women

She loves beauty pageants, she started modeling at the 10 years of age, and she is also a motivational speaker and a choir member

Working for United Nations Population Fund, an international organization with a mission to obtain a world where all pregnancies are wanted, every child birth is safe and every young person’s potential is met, made her believe that the change we want is possible and she wants to bring forth this change

She is confident that Miss Career Africa platform will make all the girls in rural areas witness the greater growth opportunities out there, as it will put her in a position to inspire them to know that success does not discriminate but rather, is closer to everyone who seeks it with passion

Due to her outstanding performances as an Inventory and asset reconciliation intern at the Namibian German Center for Logistics, she was awarded the opportunity to become the logistics and supply chain officer for a national project by World Food Program This opportunity later awarded her with a chance to work as an Administrative officer at the Namibian University of Science and Technology

Proud to be a member of the Namibian Charted Institute of Purchasing and Procurement Young Professionals she has more will power than ever to pursue her dreams In the next five years, Shifotoka wants to complete her Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), to have started a Custom clearance company and a Logistics consultant company, to continue with giving back to the community by creating platforms to support youth development programs among other projects