Keletso Karyn Mlilo
Gaborone - Botswana

She is very smart and opinion oriented

In the next five years, she wants to take herself back to varsity to study Fashion Psychology probably in London since it's the only city with the course

BOOK IT LIKE FASHION, is her project name

Book it like Fashion, basically means fashion and writing can be combined to make something great

She believes that Confidence is built in how we look and we can flaunt it by writing about it

Once crowned Miss Career Africa,she would use the title to influence her community and the African Continent in the way that young girls and boys shouldn't fear expressing themselves through writing and fashion through acknowledging the fact that the creative industry has a great platform for them wherever they are in the sense that everything can be made into fashion and writing

She deserves it because she has an innovative mind and is willing to share her spotlight with her community

If she wins, everyone around her wins too

Proudly,becoming a Personal assistant in a fashion house is her biggest achievement, it's an eye opening experience that will expose her to other corners of the fashion industry