Gift Wezzie Somakwabe
Johannesburg - South Africa

Gift Wezzie Somakwabe is a young woman who is ambitious and believes that the power of the mind can make one achieve great things in life

She loves new challenges that test her capabilities and mental state

While reading books makes her grow as well

“Working on different projects all at the same time not only helps me manage my time well but also I get to work perfectly,” she says

 Her project is known as ‘Power to  the Youth’, it focuses on youth and assist them in getting into tertiary schools

“It is all about ensuring youth understand how university applications and government funding work so that they have a higher chance of being accepted,” she elaborates

She adds that many students have no access to resources or information on how to go about such applications, and that she has been able to notice this as a significant problem and wishes to correct it

 “I feel blessed and privileged to be part of the top 10

I look forward to learning new things and meeting new people at the Boot Camp,” she says

 According to her, young girls and women across Africa should take the opportunity offered by Miss Career Africa to help realize what changes they can bring to society

 She promises that Africa and the world should expect a young woman filled with creativity and passion to help others

 “What keeps me going is my mamba mentality by Kobe Bryant

As the saying goes ‘nothing worth having comes easy’, this is something that the youth needs to understand nowadays,” she notes

 Once crowned Miss Career Africa, Somakwabe plans to use the title to achieve a lot including motivating other girls, to understand that implementing change where necessary is important than waiting for competitions

  “They should as well seek to do what they are most passionate about and believe that it all starts from within,” she notes

Additionally, Somakwabe also plans on empowering people through knowledge because she believes that there is no vision without the knowledge and that knowledge pushes people to greater heights

Because of her desire to empower other people around her, she believes that she all what it has to be crowned Miss Career Africa

Apart from that, Somakwabe also enjoys helping others, not because of the recognition but rather the feeling of joy and fulfillment she derived from it

For the achievements so far, she has been  part of the Top Auditing students for two years in a row, and currently, she is  doing her honors at the University of Johannesburg

She is also a tutor and a mentor as well as coordinates a bursary sponsored to Accounting students; by ensuring they attend additional classes and guiding them throughout the year

  In the next five years, she would love to become one of the most influential young women in the continent and the world as well as have her own bursary fund

A motivational speaker is also part of her aspirations