Jessica Mundie Uiras
Windhoek - Namibia

A sexual assault can have a devastating impact on the victim, especially if the perpetrator is a person close to you

 Jessica Mundie Uiras understands this pain better, after losing both her parents at the age of 17, she was molested for 2 years by her own uncle

 She had to deal with being disowned by her own family, the thing that drained her emotionally, psychologically as well as physically

However, Uiras decided to keep her head up and instead strives to fight for others who could be going through what she went through

 She has the ambition to strive for better charity outcomes, and to be the bridge between the problem and the solution

She is a living testimony molded by the challenges and experiences she has faced in life

 With her project ADVOCACY FOR ORPHAN, the mission is to help orphans reach their full potential

 According to her, she wants to focus and align orphans and helps them unleash positive powers to create change and keep them off the streets

The inspiration behind the project, Uiras says she grew up in an orphanage, therefore, familiar with the challenges orphans face

“I believe humanity doesn't come with a crown or a title, it only creates a platform for one to elevate as a humanitarian,” she says

So far, Uiras says platform such as Miss Career Africa helps motivate young women to work hard and realize their potential in whatever they put their minds to

 And that she doesn’t take it for granted for the opportunity she has been offered by Miss Career Africa, as one of the constants

“My veins are flooded with joy, as a philanthropist that holds education and pageantry dear to my heart

I was overwhelmed to see a pageant that aligns with my character and what I believe,   “The journey was crusty, with empowered contestants, each battling to strive for better charity outcome

I believe there's a resemblance of what we want to instill and achieve within our communities and the World at large,” she adds

 Advocacy for orphans Uiras says Advocacy for Orphans’ established in 2019 is rooted to nurture and bang children understands from a very young age, such that when they grow up, they are likely to be influenced by people from the outside world

   “It's amazing how every negative impact and obstacle I faced in my life gives me reason to push my limits in order to achieve my desired goals,” she says

 Motivated by her late mother's quote, ‘If you can dream it, you can live it" you are your only competition,’ she says she is determined to make a difference in life

Having started an NGO "Advocacy for Orphans", she wishes to see orphans grow by motivating and inspiring them as well as being able to fund their studies or monetarily contribute to their dreams

As an influence, she says this helps shape the lives of orphans she will continue being true to herself and live to fulfill her purpose and ambition to always strive for better charity outcomes

She believes that if crowned Miss Career Africa, it will help create a platform for her to reach out to those outside her respective country

Uiras believes in teamwork and that one can’t achieve much as an individual

  She is proud because she is the first person in the history of her family to complete high school and graduate with a BA

This is not only a victory for herself but her entire family

“I come from a poor background one that couldn’t be able to provide food at home, but that never stopped her from striving to achieve her goals,” she says

  She made a promise to herself to change her situation and she is proud of doing so

  In the next 5 years, Uiras  wants to obtain a PhD in Communication and Public Relations, to make "Pageant house Namibia" an empire for beauty pageant queens that are less fortunate