Magdalena Haingura
Grootfontein - Namibia

She is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, passionate and hardworking

She always puts hard work all in that she does and also loves experimenting to acquire new skills

Exploring is something she practices in order to gain more knowledge

She is the Public Relations Officer of the first ever Kavango Music Awards, and being chosen to be part of such a project has shown her that she is capable of doing more

In the next five years,She sees herself running her own health center, having her own modelling agency and being part of massive entertainment events in Namibia


Kavango Music awards is an event created by a group of volunteers to honor artists and models that are not recognized in Namibia, particularly from the Kavango regions

The aim of the project is to expose them and make them known by other well known artists and models in the industry

Models are included in this project due to her passion for modelling

This project is creating several platforms for girls as promoters and future successful Namibian models

Once crowned Miss Career Africa, she plans to use the title to be a role model to every female that has a dream to better their lives one day

By creating projects that will allow females to feel free and not scared to be independent and strive to achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality

She will not only create platforms for exposure but also use the title to create community projects in Africa that will help the women realize that they are capable of being leaders in the business world just like their male counterparts

She deserves the crown because she knows she is capable

She will carry the crown with dignity as a proud African and be someone the community can always rely on

Being part of massive events happening in the town she resides in actually made her proud

She is the PRO of the Kavango Music Awards, a pageant trainer and organizer in the Kavango regions and one of the Organisers for the Rundu cultural festival