Nothabo Ncube
Bulawayo - Zimbabwe

  Nothabo Ncube believes in hardworking and this is the reason she is always up to grab any opportunity that comes her way

 First of all, she is thankful for Miss Career Africa because it has provided a good foundation for young women to build on their dreams and aspirations

 She is an energetic and determined young entrepreneur with ambitions

Ncube is among the 10 contestants selected to be in the boot camp, thanks to her project Fish Farming that earned her the chance

According to Ncube, the project will begin by creating small scale dams and dig for fish

 “I believe that this project will be beneficial to the community at large

If crowned Miss Career Africa, I will be the voice to those who feel insecure when it comes to working towards their dreams,” she says

Besides, she says she will encourage people to start their career at the earliest stage because it’s never too late to set goals and accomplish them

Being future-oriented and ambitious in life, Ncube believes she deserves Miss Career Africa crown

 Meanwhile, she has already started a chicken project which has seen her make an impact on the community as she currently supplies 50 chickens per month to other people

 “Although I consider it as a small project, I believe with hard work and determination, I will be able to make it grow with time,” she adds

When selected among the ten contestants to represent Southern African Development Community, Ncube felt like her dreams were yet to be accomplished

 “I thank God for this far because it wasn’t easy

My heart is filled with unimaginable joy and appreciation for the love and support that I received throughout this voting period,” she says

  She says that her eyes are now on the boot camp and that the goal is drawing closer as her trust is to support and give back to her community through her Fish Farming project

  “This project will bring about the empowerment of young women and ultimately the youth

The project will also seek to foster knowledge sharing that will have a positive impact on the upliftment of the community,” she adds

  Ncube believes that 10 percent is just life but the rest of the 90 percent is what you make out of it

To her community and to the world, she says it starts now to make a difference

  In her next five years, she wants to finish her veterinary Nursing and then, start a fish farming venture