Imade Iyamu
Surulere - Nigeria

She is a lawyer (Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria), author and social entrepreneur from Nigeria

She would not be where she is if she had not benefited from numerous scholarships and fellowships, so she works to provide funding to indigent students and schools in her community

In Nigeria, over 15 million children are out of school and this number grows daily

Her goal is to see that every Nigerian child has the skills to succeed globally and make the world a better place

In the next 5 years, she will have gained experience as a financial lawyer and then completed her MBA at the University of Columbia in New York, USA

From there, she hopes to work in the IFC (International Finance Corporation) of the World Bank and contributes to the development of African countries through investment in the private sector

She also aims to scale my Project to reach 100,000 indigent students and 100 schools

Her project is called “The WE-Fund App”

It is crowdfunding, educational technology app where the public can directly transfer money towards the education of indigent students or development of public- school libraries

In short, it is a Go Fund Me app for education investment and notifies African students of scholarship opportunities around the world

Once crowned for Miss Career Africa, she will leverage her platform to advocate for changes in the law to give girls access to education

She will liaise with sponsors to establish the; Miss Career Accelerator to fund 100 startups founded by African women

She will also establish the Miss Career Summer Camp for African teenagers to learn business and tech skills from experienced African leaders who will be their mentors for a year

She deserves the crown because she is more than just a pretty face

She is a young woman who has made great accomplishments, both academically and professionally in Africa and She has given back greatly to her community, particularly to young women

She is proud of having assisted a Nigerian tech startup to gain funding from Goldman Sachs, in order to expand operations and improve lives

She works with many tech companies and she enjoys doing so because these companies promote growth and economic development in Nigeria by solving difficult problems

She is also proud of establishing the largest scholarship in Nigeria awarded to the best graduating female Law School student of 2019