Moyinoluwa Anifowose
Akure - Nigeria

Moyinoluwa Anifowose says being able to be selected among the ten contestants that will be in the boot camp is a rare opportunity and that she is not taking it for granted

“I'm very excited and happy to be in Top 10 Miss Career Africa (MCA) candidates, this is a rare opportunity and I don’t take it for granted,” she says

She applauds the MCA for this great opportunity, adding that if women take advantage of such initiatives, not only their voices can be heard but also their ideas can be shared

Her project is called “Young Innovation Community Project”

The project is all about nurturing and incubating digital start-ups in Nigeria through training, mentoring and facilitating the digital start-up for young people

The project mainly focuses on secondary school students

“I came up with this project because I believe that the rate of economic growth will increase if the young people join the country's development chain, even before they enter the university,” she says

Through the project, aim is to reduce the rate of unemployment and alleviate poverty in her own country Nigeria and in Africa at large by training, mentoring and facilitating digital startup for young people most especially senior secondary school students

“My end goal has been my motivation for going this far

I want to be a role model for young people, to take on interesting and innovative projects, and work with people that I can really learn from,”” she says

More about Moyinoluwa Having graduated from FUTA school in electrical and electronics engineering with the Cgpa of 409 out of 500, Moyinoluwa is a skilled Mathematician, Time Manager, and she possesses knowledge of HTML, CSS, or CAD, Matlab, and inverter installation

Besides these achievements, she also has done internship program with more than 4 companies in Nigeria

Also, she has volunteered as one of the organizers of several events like African's young entrepreneurs’ convention 2019 held at Akure, which is the biggest gathering of entrepreneurs in Africa, Arise Ondo Entrepreneurs

Her next five years career plan is to become the best in everything she does, standing as a savior to the voiceless, and becoming of a great impact on her community and country at large

She feels that the crown belongs to her because she is ready to take up the powers and carry the candles of influence, and she will deliver adequate results if given the chance

If crowned Miss Career Africa, Moyinoluwa says she would use the title to fulfill her responsibilities and do great things for the growth of the community and Africa at large