Habeebat Bamidele
Ilorin - Nigeria

Habeebat Bamidele believes that if empowered, women and girls can be key to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Born in Nigeria, Bamidele is a student from the University Of Ilorin, Faculty of Agriculture Department of Agriculture

“I am excited to be among of the top 10 participants

I can't wait to be at Miss Career Africa (MCA) boot camp to be crowned Miss Career Africa,” she says

She says she believes that after the boot camp, things will not be the same again on her side as she anticipates promoting sustainable Agriculture among youths and ensuring interested people are given right knowledge in their chosen field

“Agriculture is a profession that is less embraced, embracing it has kept me going far in life and I hope to do more day by day,” she adds

She is grateful to MCA for the great privilege and that she looks forward to be at the boot camp to win the race

Bamidele’s project is based on Sustainable Agriculture, which aims to achieve three of the SDG goals; Zero hunger, food security, and partnership

She is an aspired Agropreneur, a Fluted Pumpkin Farmer, who is doing an internship in beekeeping and organic farming, Volunteering in 3D Animation Creator and Sustainable Agriculture Enthusiast

In the next five years, Bamidele wants to invest in the Ranch of goat and sheep, crop and vegetable farm, honey production, and integrated farm

She is a patriot lady who wants to feed the nation and connect lives

Meanwhile, Bamidele believes that because of her idea which is to encourage other youths especially in the field of Agriculture, she deserves to be crown Miss Career Africa, as this will help create more opportunities in contributing to the growth of the economy