Milcah Moses
Jos - Nigeria

Born in Nigeria, she is a Christian and a child of God, a hardworking entrepreneur, and a Fashion Designer

She studied Mass Communication at the University of Jos Nigeria where she obtained her First degree

She loves to write, travel, design, and sing

In the next five years, she aims to achieve her career plan of having a Fashion brand that deals with the production of different clothes, mostly African prints so that Africans and the world get to appreciate the African culture through her brand “Wear Africa”

As technology advances every day, she plans to have strategic systems that will make the business run smoothly and effectively compared to others with immediate feedback mechanisms so as to be able to meet the needs of the consumers effectively

Wear Africa is a project that aims at appreciating culture and tradition in Africa where people all around the globe get to wear what is produced in Africa

her project is to showcase African culture and most importantly, to be able to create job opportunities not just for Nigerians but for Africans which will result in a better economy

Africans will wear what is produced within and not necessarily have to import from other foreign countries If crowned Miss Career Africa, she will use this rare privilege to sensitize young people about the need to learn or acquire a skill or handwork that will help them to be financially independent

She wants to use her office to Generate resources that will be used to not only sensitize but also teach interested young people who are ready to learn skills and trades that will enable them to stand on their own

She deserves the Miss Career Africa crown because She has a passion for the future of young Africans, especially concerning the African economy

In her opinion, young Africans need to rise up and work or else we continue to suffer oppression