Christelle Mazimpaka
Kigali - Rwanda

Born in 2000

She is an empowered girl who has the same goal of empowering others

In 2018, she has crowned Miss Geek Rwanda and 2nd runner-up Miss Geek Africa

She used this opportunity to encourage girls in rural societies to apply and in her gap year, she was the leader of the mentorship program of the Girls in ICT association

She has big projects that she always needs guidance and mentors to help her attain her dreams

Being Miss Geek Rwanda was her first step on her career path and the opportunity has opened doors for a better future for her and other girls in STEM or non- STEM fields

She is a student and she lives in Kigali ( Rwanda) EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND She formerly attended the Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology

PROJECT INFORMATION NAME: Urugori DESCRIPTION: The Urugori Hub is a mentorship and incubation program that equips the women and girls in different school levels with necessary skills, resources, and connections to pave their way and set on the innovation entrepreneurial market

This hub will have a training program to empower different groups of women, especially young people, with the latest tech skills existing around the world

Urugori believes that a young girl hopes for a better nation

FUTURE PLANS ONCE CROWNED MISS CAREER AFRICA She looks forward to having a degree in Artificial intelligence(AI) and national security or robotics

With this degree, she wants to expand the scope of research and interest of robotics in Rwanda and Africa at large

A few of the African populations are interested in AI and she wants to create the awareness of this course when there is an African that can make robots because it is important to understand the human interaction in machine language

As Miss Geek Rwanda 2018, she has mentored and created an awareness of the Miss Geek Africa competitions and in 2019 the number of applicants in Rwanda doubled

She believes this is a great platform to inspire more girls and boost their confidence

If she is crowned Miss Career Africa, she will use the title to create a comfortable atmosphere for girls on pursuing any interest in their dream career

She believes in herself for the crown of Miss Career Africa because she looks forward to having various successful career women in Africa as one shield for the future women's prosperity

Having this atmosphere around Africa will be her biggest life achievement and she believes the crown of Miss Career Africa is a huge opportunity to her dreams