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"You have made the most rewarding choice for your idea".

Dear Miss Career Fund-Candidate, See if you qualify for a loan by entering your background details, financial status, career background, business plan (pdf) , why the loan, a message of hope that tells us how this will help you and answering other few related quick questions that will help us select the most deserving candidates from thousands of other candidates across Africa. Whereas this is a life time opportunity that aspires to transform the life of Africa’s young women financially. Please note that there is no guarantee you will qualify for the Miss Career loan amount you requested. The loan amount you qualify for will be determined by the Miss Career Africa Fund review process.

Our Plan B:

At the heart of Miss Career Fund Team, We pray and wish you all the best in this journey of funding your business idea. Its our plan A that you get funds you dream to have for your business and We are here available and committed to back you up. Even when you miss the fund, Our plan B is that you remain in the Miss Career Fund Network. Here you will have access and privilege to be a part of other funding opportunities and more so, Training programs that intend to develop thousands of Africa’s women entrepreneurs. Enjoy the life time opportunity!