Award: $1000

Born in 1996

She is a Christian and the last born in her family

She likes engineering career because it is part of her life

She participated in Miss Tech Burundi 2019 and won third place

She lives in Bujumbura (Burundi) and she is a student

She is in the Architecture department at the University Summit International Institute

Her project Adaptation Technique pour Construire Une Maison (ATECOM) is about to facilitate people who want to build a house to find the engineers who are qualified

It will not only focus on construction only, but it will also help people who get problems at their homes such as electricity or water; it will be easier for them to find an electrician or a plumber

She is now the Miss Entrepreneur and Her next five years plan is to be Chief Executive Officer at ATECO (Adaptation Technique pour Construire Une Maison) and she wants to develop it vaguely

Right after crowned Miss Entrepreneur, she now uses her influence to inspire other girls in Burundi

She advocating for the spirit of hard work

Her day to day responsibility now in Burundi is educate girls to join technology and business

She deserved to be crowned and she is flourishing with the crown