Award: $1000

Born in 1999 and She is moved by the idea of being a responsible person in whatever she does

She is confident and wants to be the change needed in her country

She has influence, charisma and she is good at communication and interpersonal skills

She executes well her responsibilities

All excess is not good and the deficiency is bad but she manages to balance and control her life

In an association of Bujumbura SOJPAE, she was named alumni, which means a great deal for her

She served as supervisor of young girls and boys in the clubs of peace created in different parts of the capital city Bujumbura

She even created a Peace Club at her previous school named "Bright Star of Lake Tanganyika High School" Currently, she lives in Bujumbura (Burundi) and she is a news broadcaster

She has a high school diploma in General Humanities

Her project-Online Medical Consultation(in Burundi) is something that would make it easier to book an appointment with the right doctor at the right place

With her project, even the lower class people can take get the right consultation

Her project platform will be to provide all data for good health, get advice from doctors, and know diseases and how to fight against them all by using a mobile phone

she dreams to see her country change especially in technology, for the next five years, she has a great project to contribute to the technological development in her country in the field of medicine by creating online medical consultations

She vividly understands that investing in youth means building a great nation

So, besides putting her project in motion, she will invest everything she learned from different sources especially girls' circles to develop her country

She is influential and has a good reputation

Well known by associations and media of Bujumbura

She will use her crown to level up young people especially girls

She deserved to be crowned because she is very optimistic

To be crowned was her greatest reward for all that she has done