Award: $1000

Born 1996 and currently lives in USA where she is now a university student also working as a special effect make-up artist

Having been raised by a single mother, Iradukunda has been taught how hard work pays off

And that is why she is hard working

She is proud of her career achievement as she has worked in different movies like REBE;600 SOLDIERS which is from Hollywood production, and she has appeared in some Rwandan music videos, the likes of DERILA by Amaron ft

Ally Soudy, BE KIND by Riderman ft

Sedy and BACK by Igor Mabano and other more

She has knowledge in Digital Media Production at University

Mystique Art project is about working with cinema houses, movie directors and everything related to videography

She focuses on beauty make-up or special effects make-up (wound, scars, gunshot…) For the coming five years, Miss Iradukunda wants to have a school of make-up and she wants to be able to manufacture products that she would use due to the fact that she has skills to produce certain products

she is now using the crown to be heard within the country and all over the globe in order to motivate her fellow African women to think and perceive that anything is possible and it doesn’t need a big amount of capital, but it only takes creativity and thinking big

Iradukunda's track record highly deserved to be crowned Miss Art as an acknowledgment of her art