Award: $1000

Born in 2000 and She is a hardworking girl who likes helping those who are in need, proud to be African and always thinks of how to help society

She looks forward to leaving a better world than she found it

She is persistent and does not easily give up, and she can do anything in her power to make the people around her happy

She likes helping those who are in need and she has started doing that

She wants to become a great IT woman who is also helpful to her society

She is proud that during the academic years, she has always participated in different things and also got leadership roles where I have got some achievements

Was among the school council at her former school and she led for a year

She lives in Kigali (Rwanda) and she is a student

She formerly attended Cornerstone Leadership Academy

FAFS (First Arrived First Served) Her project is about developing a system that will work as a receptionist

The customer will enter the required details in the system and then the system will give the customer a number according to the people who came before

So, when its the customer's turn, the number, and the name will be projected

In case there is an emergency, It will also be entered in the system but with the concern of those who came first

This system will help stop the unfairness done to some customers

In the coming five years, she will have become a professional IT woman

She has a plan of developing systems, apps, and websites that will be beneficial to society

In developing all these, she will be concerned about solving the problems facing the society at large

She also looks forward to establishing an organization called "THE COMFORTERS" that will help those who are in need

After crowned Miss Hospitality, she is now the voice of every African girl

These girls face many challenges, she now encourages, motivates and creates confidence in them

She also helps those who have talents to develop them

She works hand in hand with the others who competed for this crown because she believes they also have great ideas that are helpful

She also creates relationships among the youth of East Africa so that they can work together and achieve things that will improve Africa

She is hardworking

She is innovative, and she is always thinking of creating something new that can benefit her society

In her reign-She will encourage her fellow African youth to do the same