Award: $1000

Born in 1999 and She is a Ugandan fashion model, dancer, and founder of the lane256, writer, and a makeup artist

she loves giving back to the community, traveling and youth engagement activities

Her mission in life is to Witness a miracle

As an entrepreneur, she established a company that puts all talents together which is one of the biggest achievements of all times

She also established a makeup studio that doubles as a learning center for makeup

She is running a campaign “the salon’’ where young entrepreneurial designers will showcase their designs as well as unveiling her designs too

The campaign is to raise money to support young people in rural areas who can't access education

Having achieved all the above in her career, she is very proud and wants to keep on going higher

She is currently a fashion model and make-up artist

She lives in Kampala (Uganda)

She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree

Lane256 is a talent pool that puts together different talented youths from different backgrounds for holistic development, job creation, mentorship program, transformative leadership, branding, and marketing

The company recruits youths as models, graphics designers, ushers, dancers, makeup artists, live band performers, tour guides, photographers and videographers and many more

The company is currently working with 30 young people

Her next five years career plan is already on the road

As it's to establish an entity that will act as a talent pool for all talented youths for talent development, job creation, holistic development, Branding, and marketing as well as mentorship

She is a very dedicated person and results-oriented

Right after crowned as Miss Talent, she wishes to create a Hub that will act as a platform for young entrepreneurs where they can meet, greet, and share developmental ideas prior to their careers as well as receiving guidance and mentorship

She also wishes to establish different projects that will benefit different communities across Africa prior to their needs and necessities

She deserved the crown because she is hard-working, resilient and result oriented

Her love to see Africa grow and glow inspires her to do more and she will not stop until Africa's dream is realized