Award: $1000

Born in 1995 and she is a hard worker, proud of being a technician and enthusiast in the field of electrical and electronic engineering

During her studies, her ambition was to be a good competitor in the labor market and developing strong problem-solving skills

In order to achieve this, she shaped her skills, by attending exhibitions to see what is really needed on the market, innovation clubs, Her2Voice and Girlict competitions and she did an internship in EUCL in the transmission and distribution of electricity

She is proud to have paid her sister's fees from the money she earned by installing house piping, wiring, and troubleshooting fault to her clients

•In the field, she used to repair different machines especially motor rewinding, etc…which helped her to prepare her future company financially

•In 2015, she was awarded by Her2Voice because of the implementation of the Twiteho project

• she installed the two houses of two poor families for free

This made her proud of being an electrical engineer

She lives in Kigali (Rwanda) and she is a student

She is doing Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology (2017 until now) RP/IPRC Kigali

Her project-Esolar Stove is a stove powered by solar or electricity (dc or ac) as a source of energy but depending on the choice of user

It has 2 burner places and one furnace which will be controlled manually, automatically by Bluetooth, massaging… it is affordable, and she designed it for the people who use a smartphone or 'other types of telephone, unskilled and skilled, live in a desert, rural and urban areas especially for those who don’t have access to electricity

Her next five years’ career plans are to finish electrical engineering course, and having a company which develops a projects related to electrical which is business-oriented, investing in technology and training in case of inspiring and empowering others especially girls and women who didn’t have opportunity to study in technical school in order to shape their destiny that will be a benefit to her, her family and society in general

She will use her title to reduce early pregnancy for young ladies through the training, inspiring and empowering by showing them role putting together and hand-on skills, reducing a number of student's dropout as some parents think that nothing girls can do unless doing home activities and getting married, reduce the time taken to prepare their food by showing the value of technology, environment protection by reducing as deforestation increase 6% /year caused by gases

She deserves it because she is able to implement what she has learned in a practical and impactful manner from prototype to the final product on the market in order to solve the challenge people are facing in their daily life for a better future