Award: $5000 + $1000

Miss Career Eastern Africa-2019 Yvette MUKAMWIZA shows Africa that " With technology blind can see"

Yvette did not only win the Miss Career Eastern crown worthy a prize of $5000, She also got the Miss Technology with another prize of $1000

It was an impeccable day for her

She tells that STEM is not a theory but an empirical story that should be regarded as a common thing in Africa's girls and women

Her project "DIGITAL BLIND STICK" affirms that every girl in Africa venture deep technology and harness big technology dreams

She puts a signature on a truth that "Miss Career Africa can be tech-prenuer and Tech-preneur can be Miss Career Africa"

Before she attended Miss Career Africa, She had won the first place in the INNOVATION FOR WOMEN COMPETITION

Yvette formerly attended IPRC- Ngoma and she has an advanced diploma in technology

Her project-Digital Blind stick has different features and uniqueness unlike other ordinary "Traditional" blind sticks because of its (both) sound and vibration sensors that help the blind to hear obstacles before meeting them in 50 cm

A digital stick with a charger system, headphone system that help them listen to sound even when they are in public places or conference, and also a wheel that helps the blind to move easily

she wants to implant a GPS tracker that helps them to know their location

With her project, She used her knowledge in the classroom and RD to WOW the Miss Career Eastern Africa-2019 judges by demonstrating the the digital Stick as an MVP while pitching! Now, Yvette is learning more about the project, trying to pivot the project during the post-Covid-19 and unequivocally she is revamping her business sooner than later

Hopefully the world is yet to experience the best of her technology